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Due to several timeline discrepancies, it's fairly obvious that the aired episode order isn't the best order to watch the episodes in - several characters are show in episodes before they're introduced, and some events just don't make sense in the order they're shown. Ty and Bryn worked together to make this viewing order list of episodes. If you see any discrepancies, please Email me!

Corrected Viewing List

1. 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus
2. 1.02 - Between Friends
3. 1.03 - What a Crockery
4. 1.05 - Girl Trouble
5. 1.04 - Herc and Seek
6. 1.16 - Down and Out in Academy Hills
7. 1.09 - Amazon Grace
8. 1.06 - Teacher's Pests
9. 1.10 - Cyrano de Hercules
10. 1.11 - Battle Lines I
11. 1.12 - Battle Lines II
12. 1.28 - In Your Dreams
13. 1.13 - Forgery
14. 1.15 - Ares on Trial
15. 1.07 - Inn Trouble
16. 1.08 - Keeping Up With the Jasons
17. 1.14 - No Way Out
18. 1.17 - Winner Take All
19. 1.18 - A Serpent's Tooth
20. 1.19 - The Lure of the Lyre
21. 1.20 - Fame
22. 1.21 - Lyre, Liar
23. 1.22 - A Lady in Hades
24. 1.23 - The Mysteries of Life
25. 1.24 - Dad Always Liked Me Best
26. 1.25 - Herc's Nemesis
27. 1.31 - Home for the Holidays
28. 1.29 - Sisters
29. 1.26 - Cold Feet
30. 1.30 - Golden Bow
31. 1.27 - Mommy Dearests
32. 1.32 - Cram-Ped
33. 1.33 - Con Ares
34. 1.34 - Get Jason
35. 1.38 - Me, Myself, and Eye
36. 1.36 - Hind Sight
37. 1.40 - Iolaus Goes Stag
38. 1.35 - My Fair Lilith
39. 1.37 - The Head That Wears The Crown
40. 1.39 - The Skeptic
41. 1.41 - Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
42. 1.42 - The Prize
43. 1.44 - Parents' Day
44. 1.45 - Life for a Life
45. 1.46 - Under Siege
46. 1.47 - Mila
47. 1.48 - Apollo
48. 1.49 - Ill Wind
49. 1.43 - The Beasts Beneath
50. 1.50 - Valley of the Shadow

Breakdown of the Remix

Start with the original airing order:

YHviewlist 01.png

Alright. Presuming that we keep "Treasure of Zeus" as the first episode and "Valley of the Shadow" as the last episode, we have a loose framework to start with. "Between Friends" and "What a Crockery" immediately follow, so they're automatically eps 2 and 3. Hercules is still really ripped up about Marco's death in the final episode, so I'm going to move "The Beasts Beneath" to the 49th ep spot.

YHviewlist 02.png

Now it's time to start pulling out the episode arcs. Eurydice first, since she's the easiest: "The Lure of the Lyre", "Fame", "Lyre Liar, and "A Lady in Hades" - not much time passes between them, so it's reasonable to put them in a row.

"Down and Out" has to be somewhere near the top, because it's the first time Heph is introduced, but after "Girl Trouble" because Lilith appears in it. All other Heph episodes must come after it.

"Winner Take All", "Dad Always Liked Me Best", and "Mommy Dearests" form the Castor-Lucius arcs, although time does pass between them.

"A Serpent's Tooth" and "Sweet Mysteries of Life" form Ruff's arc, although time does pass between the two.

Now, it's time for Cyane's arc. She appears pretty much in order: "1.05 - Girl Trouble", "1.09 - Amazon Grace", "1.11 - Battle Lines I", "1.12 - Battle Lines II", "1.46 - Under Siege", "1.49 - Ill Wind" - although only the Battle Lines have to be aired together. Because Hercules recognized Discord in "Inn Trouble" but met her for the first time in the Battle Lines arc, "Inn Trouble" joins the Cyane arc.

YHviewlist 03.png

Anything with Lilith in it pretty much has to be after Battle Lines, since she doesn't really bond with the guys until after she comes back from the Amazons. However, in "Herc and Seek" the Lowacks come after the Tuition money that was collected in "Best Friends", so I want to put it near the top, after "Girl Trouble" when Lilith was introduced.

I want to move "Keeping Up With The Jasons" to after she comes back in Battle Lines. 'cause winning Daccuda should really be much closer to "No Way Out" and character building with mushroom picking, and I just can't see Lilith being so angry with Hercules in Battle Lines if they've already gone mushroom picking together. Considering she's dancing in Inn Trouble and they guys don't ask her to help out serving or cooking the food, I'm going to place it after Battle Lines but before "Keeping Up"/"No Way Out" when Lilith and Herc bond. Also, Cheiron is seen walking with a kind of crutch/cane in both of these eps - unsure at this time if he's recovering from an injury or what.

YHviewlist 04.png

Now that most of the main arcs are pulled out, it's time to try to start placing episodes. "Teacher's Pests" is one of the few episodes that don't have either Lilith or Heph, so I'm going to stick it after "Amazon Grace" but before "Battle Lines", while Lilith is gone. The other option is to stick it before "Girl Trouble", but I don't want to delay "Herc and Seek" any further away from the tuition money than I have to.

Next is "Cyrano de Hercules". Since it also misses Lilith, I'm going to put it also between "Amazon Grace" and "Battle Lines".

Considering Lilith is awfully friendly with the guys in Forgery, I'm going to put that after "No Way Out".

Next, is "Ares on Trial". Discord is in it, so it has to be after "Battle Lines", but Lilith does not make an appearance, so I'm more apt to put it before "Keeping Up". Which now poses the question - does it come before or after "Inn Trouble"? Remembering that she tried to kill Herc in Battle Lines, Discord again worked with Strife to "kill" Hercules in "Ares on Trial", while she only messed with him in "Inn Trouble". In "Inn Trouble" he says "Strife and Discord. I should have known" as opposed to in "Ares on Trial", when he doesn't call them by name upon seeing them. Because he sounds a bit more familiar with their antics in "Inn Trouble", I'm putting it after "Ares on Trial".

After that, the rest of the episodes start falling into place.

YHviewlist 05.png

Except for a few last-minute changes. Once Jason is crowned king, he won't have much time to hang out with Herc and Iolaus, so anything he appears in has to be moved before "The Head That Wears The Crown".

"Iolaus Goes Stag" gets moved up between "Hind Sight" and "Head that Wears The Crown", since it has to be after Herc meets the Golden Hind but before Jason gets crowned.

"My Fair Lilith" gets moved right before "The Head That Wears The Crown", since Jason is getting all his coronation gifts.

"Me, Myself, and Eye" gets moved to between "Get Jason" and "Hind Sight".

"Cold Feet" gets moved to between "Sisters" and "Golden Bow" due to the length of Jason's hair.

(RE: Jason's Hair- Hi, everyone! This is your friendly neighborhood co-mod, Ty, speaking. I thought I'd explain that comment about Jason's hair, since I was the one who mentioned it to Bryn. On my old list of the show's viewing order, a lot of the episode placement was based on how long Jason's hair was at certain points during the series. At the beginning of the series, he had a very distinct crew cut/flattop. As the series progressed, particularly around mid-season when he spent more time preparing for his coronation and less time at the Academy, his hair grew longer and thicker. So there ya go.)

YHviewlist 06.png

Upon further evaluation, a few more conflicts were discovered. "Forgery" has to be before "Ares on Trial", because we learn in "Forgery" that Iolaus can't swim. Also, in "In Your Dreams" Iolaus skates around the issue of why he doesn't like the underwater drills, implying that the others don't know that he can't swim yet. With this in mind, "In Your Dreams" then moves up before "Forgery".

Upon even further evaluation, Bryn discovered another conflict. In "Mommy Dearests", Lilith is shown visiting Alcmene's with Hercules and Iolaus. However, in "Home For The Holidays", Lilith and and Alcmene appear to be meeting for the first time. Thus, the two episodes have been swapped on the list. ~Ty