Corinth Girl Rachel

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(YHWiki Editor's Note: This character was listed as "Corinth Girl 2" in the credits. The name has been changed to "Corinth Girl Rachel" by the YHWiki Editors to reflect the tradition of naming extras after their actors.)

Corinth Girl 2, played by Rachel Gilchrist.

Although she sat next to Jason, she appears to be Iolaus's date. She acts lukewarm to Iolaus until Hercules shows up. Hercules pulls her out of her chair with a spin until she's pressed against him - in the process thanking her for "warming his chair" and suggesting that she try "warming up" Iolaus - before spinning her again, releasing her to sit in Iolaus's lap. Hercules says that Iolaus is a big shot back at Cheiron's Academy, and she is now much more friendly and receptive to Iolaus as she tells him "I thought you were lying about that!"