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Cleo, played by Loren Horsley.

Name Cleo
Actor Loren Horsley
Species Human
Occupation none
Episodes 1.29 - Sisters

Cleo is Kora's younger sister and polar opposite. Where Kora is the responsible, no-nonsense type, Cleo is immature, flighty and, because of it, more popular. She appears at the inn unexpectedly one day, not giving a very clear indication of why she's there, and everyone is immediately drawn to her fun-loving, free-spirited nature. When Kora stalks off after having embarrassed herself by trying to be more like her sister, Cleo decides to run the inn while she's gone. After it is discovered that Kora's been abducted by Don Corleonus and his thugs, though, Cleo and the others go to rescue her.