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Cheiron often speaks in advice, proverbs, and riddles. Here are a few examples.

Young Hercules (Movie Pilot) and Young Hercules (Novelization)

Cheiron: "The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up."
Hercules: "Pretty good observation... for a janitor."
Cheiron: "Well, a wheel has many spokes."
Cheiron: "Time makes all men equal, doesn't it?"
Cheiron: "Know your comrades. The deeper your knowledge, the greater your trust."
Cheiron: "You can't pick up a pebble with only one finger."
Cheiron: "Respect all warriors, friend and foe alike."
Cheiron: "You'll learn the value of the team, surrendering yourself to the one self."
Cheiron: "Always anticipate the unexpected."
Cheiron: "Never, never, never quit!"
Cheiron: "But are you doing this for purely selfless reasons? Or does Hercules, son of Zeus, have a personal agenda?"

Hercules: "What if I do?"

Cheiron: "Then you'll never succeed."

1.01 - Treasure of Zeus

Cheiron: "The tree that grows on the stoniest ground has the strongest roots."

1.02 - Between Friends

Cheiron: "You were lucky, Hercules. But the warrior that depends on luck is a fool."
Cheiron: "Selfish desires often mask themselves as good intentions."
Iolaus: "Now remember what old four-legs says: 'Balance is the key.' Don't think about where you're stepping. Just feel the pole."
Cheiron: "Warriors must learn to fight back-to-back. Depend on your comrade as he depends on you."
Cheiron: "Truth is our greatest weapon."
Cheiron: "Be patient. Let justice run its course."

1.05 - Girl Trouble

Hercules: "Well. I thought you liked your women sweet and gentle, Iolaus."
Iolaus: "Well, you know, Cheiron said ya gotta keep your options open."

1.06 - Teacher's Pests

Cheiron: "Sometimes it's the teacher who learns the lesson."

1.08 - Keeping Up With the Jasons

Cheiron: "You must be ready for anything. You must learn to see with other senses."
Cheiron: "A Dacuuda must learn to trust his - or her - senses."
Cheiron: "A Dacuuda must be adept at one-to-one combat under any circumstances."
Cheiron: "A warrior’s strength comes from within."

1.11 - Battle Lines I

Hercules: "Remember, back at the academy, they teach that leaders don't need to be cruel to be in charge? The best ones can also be merciful."
Hercules: "Back at the academy, you were always telling us that we should maintain peace. You're always telling me not to let my anger cloud my thinking!"
Hercules: "Something doesn't add up here. It's like what Cheiron said, appearances can be deceiving."

1.12 - Battle Lines II

Lilith: "Remember Cheiron's lesson -- attack the dragon at its heart!" - (Production Draft script only)
Lilith: "Remember what Cheiron says! Attack the archer, not the arrow!"
Cheiron: "Injustice cannot abide."
Cheiron: "Sometimes, emotions cloud reason. And even a teacher forgets lessons he's taught for so long."
Lilith: "Hey, I understand what you meant, now. I mean, I'll never be 'one of the boys', but... well, being different isn't always bad."
Cheiron: "It can be your burden or your strength. It's up to you."

1.14 - No Way Out

Hercules: "You know, Cheiron says that there's more to being a warrior than just training. You know? There's... uh... ya... ya gotta develop your character."

1.15 - Ares on Trial

Cheiron: "You know, it's said that a friend is never really lost... if you remain true to the dreams you shared."

1.16 - Down and Out in Academy Hills

Cheiron: "No man is without a past. Someone'll come for him, or his memory will return. Till then, I'm sure you'll take good care of him."

1.20 - Fame

Cheiron: "The undead can only be defeated by their own. Such weapons are not easy to come by."

1.28 - In Your Dreams

Hercules: "Like he says, 'A good warrior --"
Herc/Iolaus/Jason/Lilith: "-- turns his enemy's weapons against him.'" - (Shooting Draft script only)
Cheiron: "Embrace your greatest fear."
Cheiron: "This isn't a simple fight. To have any sort of chance, you must be prepared to confront what terrifies you the most and then embrace it."

Hercules: "Embrace it? I'm gonna take it out."

Cheiron: "To destroy it would be to destroy part of yourself."
Cheiron: "None of us is without our dark sides."
Cheiron: "Each time we choose right from wrong or good from bad, we've been tested. Controlling those impulses is the key." - (Shooting Draft script only)

1.36 - Hind Sight

Iolaus: "He says, 'All you see --"
Hercules/Iolaus/Jason: "-- is not all there is'."

1.37 - The Head That Wears The Crown

Hercules: "Come on, Jason. Don't you remember what Cheiron said? 'A battle avoided is a battle won'."

1.38 - Me, Myself, and Eye

Cheiron: "Great artists learn to see without using their eyes."

1.39 - The Skeptic

Cheiron: "Admitting you could be wrong is the first step towards wisdom."

1.45 - Life for a Life

Cheiron: "A great warrior rises from the ashes of defeat. Beware a lyre's enchantment. In times of crisis a son of Zeus forges ahead."

HtLJ - 5.17 - The Academy

Hercules: "One of the most important lessons your father taught me was that the more you keep something inside, the more it eats away at you."

Young Hercules: Cheiron's Warriors

The worst thing you can do now is lose your temper. Remember what Cheiron told you about anger being a warrior's worst enemy.
"Never use both hands when one will do," he'd told her once during a sword-fighting drill.