Cheiron's Academy

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Cheiron's Academy

Cheiron's Academy is located near Corinth, and is a school for young men and women to be educated in both scholarly pursuits and fighting techniques. It is a half-week's walk from Athens.

Staff: Cheiron is the Headmaster. Fiducius is the Bursar. There is also a Custodian and a Cook.

Layout and Defenses

Bird's eye view from 1.02 - Between Friends

The Academy contains a pig sty and some stables, and has its own well and dormitory. A large wall surrounds the entire Academy in case of attack.

Locations inside the Academy


Having a son of Zeus as a cadet means that the Academy is often the target of godly wrath (as well as attacks by local gangs). These are a few of the attacks that the Academy has survived...