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There comes a time for all things, a time to live and a time to die. Many characters have died on Young Hercules, and many more have either faked their death or been temporarily presumed dead. This is a page for them all to rest in peace. (See also Rest In Peace for a memorial page for actors who appeared on Young Hercules and have since passed away.)

Young Hercules (Movie Pilot) and Young Hercules (Novelization)

  • Iolaus fakes his death in front of a jeweler's stall after someone comes up and 'stabs' him in the chest. Last words (in the movie only): Why?
  • Zandarus presumably dies when Pelias takes over Corinth, and his body is later seen hanging by the wrists outside the main walls of the city.
  • Enyo is washed off the Argo by a huge wave during a heavy storm. He is lost at sea and presumed dead.
  • Talos is killed when Hercules shoves a large horn through his forehead. Last words: Give it to me!
  • Yvenna is thrown by a giant and dies before the Golden Fleece can be brought to her. She dies in Korsenia. Last words: I didn't run. Promise me. Promise me...
  • King Aeson was cured of his mysterious illness by the Golden Fleece, only to die shortly after when Ares snaps his neck. He passes away in his bed, in Corinth. Last words: Jason, my son.

1.07 - Inn Trouble


1.10 - Cyrano de Hercules

  • While not mortal, Galatea 'dies' after falling off a broken rope bridge and plunging to the bottom of a ravine. Last words: I have to.

1.14 - No Way Out

  • Ares tries to kill Hercules with a poisoned waterskin, but Lilith is suspicious of Ares and warns Hercules, so Hercules only pretends to die long enough to fool Ares into revealing himself.

1.15 - Ares on Trial

  • Hercules goes missing after a devastating attack by Ares, and Jason and Iolaus spend most of the episode believing that Hercules is dead. However, Hercules had actually been summoned to a Olympus Tribunal to defend Ares's innocence.

1.21 - Lyre, Liar

  • Eurydice shoves Hercules out of the way of a killer vine sent by Bacchus and is hit by the vine instead. Last words: I met you too late.

1.24 - Dad Always Liked Me Best

1.43 - The Beasts Beneath

  • Marco is dragged down into the sand by a Sand Creature and presumed dead. Last words: We haven't seen it for hours. We've gotta try.

HtLJ - 4.11 - Medea Culpa

  • Angered by Medea's defiance, Hera lashes out and fires a lightning bolt at Jason. He is later revived, though, by Medea.

HtLJ - 4.20 - Twilight

  • On the way to a trench just inside the Parthan border, King Eteocles and the others are ambushed by Parthan soldiers. Eteocles is killed during the fight.
  • While Jason stands watch at the trench just inside Parthos, several Parthan soldiers ransack the place and kill everyone there. However, it is revealed later to just have been a nightmare that Jason, still reeling from King Eteocles's death, had before he actually took the next watch.


DeathCalNikos (2).jpg


  • Nikos, his arm having been severed in an earlier battle, dies from severe blood loss. Last words: The smallest things could make her happy-- like-- a sunset-- or the sound of the rain-- things that I never even thought mattered. But they do, Hercules. They matter.
  • When the Parthans begin firing nafoline cannons at Hercules and the others, their only choice is to run for the woods. Calimachus, already wounded from the earlier battle, runs toward the blasts instead to draw their fire away. He dies when an arrow pierces his chest. Last words: I've gotta do it; otherwise, you'll all be killed! It's your turn, now.