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Food. And fun. And food. And fun.

      Everyone's got to eat, right? Right.

      This category is all about food, created by fans, inspired by Young Hercules. (For food that was actually seen/mentioned in YH, see Food.) All food on this page tastes best consumed while watching the episode that inspired it! There's also a few recipes contributed by cadets of the Young Hercules University as some of their favorite things to eat and drink!

      If you have an idea or recipe that isn't mentioned here, email me to have it added! If you decide to try out these recipes for yourself, please take pictures and send them to us!!!

      Note: If you click the sub-categories, you will get results for both fan-made food seen on this page as well as 'canon' food that was seen/mentioned on the show. Click here to see the fan-made inspired food organized by the episode that inspired it.


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