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  • Seen in: 1.05 - Girl Trouble, 1.09 - Amazon Grace]], 1.10 - Cyrano de Hercules, 1.11 - Battle Lines I, 1.12 - Battle Lines II, 1.46 - Under Siege, 1.47 - Mila, 1.49 - Ill Wind.
  • Mentioned in: 1.28 - In Your Dreams.
  • Amazons are rumored to be thieves, murderers, and baby-snatchers. Rumors also say they hate all men and corrupt all women.
  • According the Cyane in 1.05 - Girl Trouble, the origins of Amazons began thousands of years ago when all the men in their village were wiped out in a single battle. From then on, their ancestors knew that their women needed to be strong, so they learned to live without men.
  • There are twelve tribes in all, they were separated during the great war with the Centaurs, but one day they hope to reunite.
    • Cyane is queen of the Telaquir Amazons
    • The only other tribe named in the series is the Tanta tribe. This tribe is led by Keenta, who is mentioned but never seen. - 1.49 - Ill Wind
  • Male children born to the Telaquir Amazons are returned to their fathers, female children stay with the tribe and are raised as Amazons.
  • The Amazons' natural habitat is the forest, where they are quite adept at swinging from tree to tree and traveling through the tree canopy.
  • The clothing of the Telaquir Amazon tribe primarily consists of a mixture of colored fabrics and leathers, adorned with copper accessories and feathers. Primary colors are green and copper.


  • swinging through the air by ropes
  • communicate by whistles


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