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Castor as played by Grae Burton.

Name Castor
Actor Grae Burton
Species Half-human, half-god
Occupation Olympic competitor, Pollux's guidance counselor
Episodes 1.17 - Winner Take All
1.24 - Dad Always Liked Me Best
† = (mention only)

Born and raised in Sparta, Castor is the twin brother of Pollux. Unlike his loud and boisterous brother, Castor is very calm and collected, preferring to talk things out rationally instead of solving problems with his fists. He is killed sometime between Winner Take All and Dad Always Liked Me Best, his death inspiring Pollux to change his brutish, arrogant ways.




  • Though Castor never showed himself to have any powers, it can be assumed that, like his brother and half-brothers, he likely had strength beyond that of a normal human's.


  • A fast runner - 1.17 - Winner Take All.
  • According to actual mythology, both Castor and his brother were excellent horsemen and hunters.