Background Funny Business

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Sometimes, when you're busy watching whoever is talking, the funniest things can happen in the background of a scene...

1.02 - Between Friends

  • When Kora exclaims, "Who's gonna pay for this?!?" and Constable Tarsus just gives a little helpless shrug, like, "Dude, this is ~way~ above my paygrade. I don't even freaking know how I'm going to write this up in a report."

1.09 - Amazon Grace

  • When Cyane's attention is immediately occupied by Hercules, Lilith rolls her eyes and walks away, swatting the hanging still rings as she leaves.

1.27 - Mommy Dearests

Rocking Horse 1.jpgRocking Horse 2.jpg

  • When Hercules and Lilith are talking about Lucius as they help clean up the fire damage at Alcmene's village, Iolaus can be seen in the background. He stops to pick up a wooden rocking horse, looking at it as though wondering what to do with it, before lifting it over his head to carry it off-screen.