Bacchus and Eurydice

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Bacchus and Eurydice - "Uniting the Eternal with the Temporal".

Although "how they met" is still a mystery, what is obvious is that Bacchus and Eurydice have a long and complicated relationship. According to Bacchus, they both shared deep feelings for each other at one time, but since then Eurydice's feelings have migrated to Orpheus. Bacchus still cares deeply for her and thinks that if he waits long enough, she'll come back to him. She betrays him to help Hercules, and runs away from the cult to start a new life with Orpheus. Later, she gives Bacchus his lyre back and agrees to marry him if he promises to leave Hercules alone. Bacchus goes back on his word and attacks Hercules during the wedding; Eurydice interferes in the fight and is killed by one of Bacchus's attack vines. She dies in Hercules's arms, and Bacchus is deeply affected by her death and swears revenge.

Current relationship status: Old flames that have grown cold on one side.

Moments in 1.19 - The Lure of the Lyre

  • Since she became one of the Bacchae, Eurydice is a particularly favored member of the cult - she appears at Bacchus's side and seems to anticipate his desires, taking it upon herself to give Hercules a tour.
  • As Bacchus plots to build an empire, he takes it for granted that Eurydice will rule it by his side. During this conversation, however, Eurydice's body language is very closed off and she appears preoccupied until Orpheus arrives, at which point she runs to him and warmly hugs him.
  • During the fight, she is the first to betray Bacchus. It is her urging that inspires Orpheus to grab the lyre and begin to play, distracting the Bacchae long enough for Hercules and his friends to break loose, and she turns against the other Bacchae as well to buy them time to save Lilith.

Moments in 1.21 - Lyre, Liar

  • Bacchus is extremely affectionate toward her, despite her obvious feelings for both Orpheus and Hercules. He calls her "fairest of all my children". He explains that he let her go with Orpheus, knowing she would tire of Orpheus and return back to him. It isn't until her feelings shift to Hercules that he begins to realize that he's lost her affection forever.
  • Eurydice knows Bacchus well enough that throwing the lyre back over the cliff will only incite his wrath further, and instead goes to him to make a deal.
  • When she approaches Bacchus to beg him to leave Hercules and the others alone, he agrees on the condition that she will marry him.
  • After her death, Bacchus is distraught and blames Hercules for her death, "You confused her, turned her against me." He swears to one day get his revenge against Hercules.


Bacchus: "The son of Zeus will be perfect for my purpose. With him as my lieutenant, I can use you and the other Bacchae to build an empire. An empire which you and I will share, Eurydice, once I make Hercules join us."
- (1.19 - The Lure of the Lyre)
Bacchus: "There was a time, Eurydice, when you had those same feelings for me. When you sat beside my throne as the most favored of all my Bacchae."
- (1.21 - Lyre, Liar)