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TV Show Summary

  • Debuting on 6 May 1991, this TV3 comedy show saw sketches tested out before a live (unseen) audience — and dropped from the episode if no one laughed. The performers were a mixture of rising standup comics (Jon Bridges) and theatre talents (Danny Mulheron, Carol Smith), plus late actors Kevin Smith and Peta Rutter. Producer Dave Gibson wanted to avoid satire and politics, in favour of the challenge of broad social comedy. Among the regular sketches were a pair of gormless skateboarders and ingratiating priest Phineas O’Diddle. Another season followed in 1992.

Alum Actors

Non-YH Alum Crossactors


Additional Pictures (YH Alum Actors)

Kevin Smith as Various Characters.

Peta Rutter as Various Characters.

Additional Pictures (Non-YH Alum Actors)

Hori Ahipene as Various Characters.

Timothy Balme as Various Characters.