Artemis's Harvest Offering

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Iolaus: I think I'm sitting on a...pineapple.

Appears In 1.07 - Inn Trouble

  • Artemis's Harvest Offering was a large cart of fresh food that was for Artemis's Temple in Delos.
  • It was stolen by Strife and Discord.
  • Artemis makes Kora leave her inn to search for it.
  • Strife and Discord leave the food at Kora's Inn, where Hercules mistakes it for the weekly food delivery.
  • Iolaus begins to serve the food to Silenus and his gang, when Artemis shows up and demands her food back.
  • Artemis threatens, "If a single bite of it is eaten, if one piece of fruit is bruised, you will pay for it with your lives."

Food (accidentally) served to the Satyrs

This is a list of Artemis's food that was in danger during the episode Inn Trouble.

  • A loaf of French Bread
  • A bunch of three Plums
  • A bunch of Green Grapes
  • An Orange
  • A bunch of Dark Grapes
  • A Green Apple
  • A Pear
  • An Eggplant
  • A Red Apple
The food pre-satyrs.
A loaf of French Bread.
A bunch of three Plums
A bunch of Green Grapes.
An Orange.
A bunch of Dark Grapes.
A Green Apple.
A Pear.
An Eggplant.
A Red Apple.
Congrats! You've collected all the food!