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Artemis as played by Anna Bernard.

Name Artemis
Actor Anna Bernard
Species Olympian God
Occupation Goddess of the Hunt and Harvest
Episodes 1.07 - Inn Trouble
1.23 - The Mysteries of Life
1.30 - Golden Bow
1.38 - Me, Myself, and Eye
1.40 - Iolaus Goes Stag
† = (mention only)

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt.




Appearances and Mentions

1.23 - The Mysteries of Life

  • Hercules, Jason, and Iolaus leave Ruff on an island that is off-limits to hunters. Hercules mentions that Kora said the land was very sacred to Artemis. When Jason asks what Kora has to do with Artemis, Hercules is confused and says "That's a good question. I don't know."

1.38 - Me, Myself, and Eye

The Graeae pray to Artemis to curse Iolaus and Jason.