Ares's Desire To Kill Hercules

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Ares carries an epic, burning hatred of Hercules, so much so that it is only Zeus's Protection Order on Herc that keeps him in check.

1.01 - Treasure of Zeus

Ares: If you were any good at being bad, you'd dare what no god has dared before: destroy a mortal son of Zeus.

Strife: Ah-ha! You mean Hercules.

Ares: (attacks the floating armor with a renewed vengeance) My half-brother! Alcmene's brat! The apple of my father's all-seeing eye! Hera wants him gone, and so do I.

1.03 - What a Crockery

Ares: What? Am I missing something here?

Hera: Zeus made a promise to me when he made us that chalice. Anyone who takes it from its rightful place-- is condemned to death.

Ares: Then by Zeus's own words-- his protection of Hercules is off. Well, well, well. Finally, little brother is on his own, and he is all-- mine. Thank you, Mother. Thank you for the chance to destroy Hercules.
Hercules: What do you want?! If you're here for the chalice, just take it and leave us alone!
Ares: What I want is to see you suffer. When you grabbed Hera's chalice, you lost Daddy's protection, and now, I can destroy you. And I want your mother to watch.
Ares: I was the favorite! Number one. Me. Ares. Son of Zeus. God of War.

Hercules: Well-- must be so rough for you.

Ares: Supplanted by a half-mortal. I could have destroyed you long ago, if not for Zeus's special protection!
(Jason and Iolaus return the Chalice, and Zeus takes away Ares's huge lightning ball)

Ares: "Nooooooooooooo! Noooooo! Why protect him again, Father?! I was so close! What about me?! I have needs! (to Hercules) This isn't over, Brother. I'll be back.

Hercules: Yeah? I'm countin' on it.

1.15 - Ares on Trial

Ares: I didn't... I did not try to kill you, okay? I mean, I'd love to, right here, right now... but I'm no fool. You're under Zeus's protection, and I do not intend to spend the rest of eternity in Tartarus being gnawed on by some idiotic monster. You got that, mister?
Hercules: At any point in your day, did you hear Ares, you know, sort of talk about... trying to... kill me?

Discord: Sure! He talks about it constantly. It's his favorite topic.
Ares: (growls)
Discord: Well, you know it's true!
Ares: (shrugs in grudging admission) Eh.
Hercules: Oh! So, what you're trying to say is that it's not unusual to, um... to, uh, hear Ares talk about trying to kill me?

Discord: Not at all!