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Apollo as played by Scott Michaelson.

Name Apollo
Actor Scott Michaelson
Species Olympian God
Occupation God of the Sun
Episodes 1.15 - Ares on Trial
1.24 - Dad Always Liked Me Best
1.28 - In Your Dreams
1.47 - Mila
1.48 - Apollo
HtLJ - 4.21 - Top God
† = (mention only)

Apollo is the god of music, poetry, and the Sun. His hobbies include sun-bathing, flying around on his hover-board, and basking in the attention of his followers. He is arrogant, lazy, but apparently surprisingly clever enough to be one of the judges for Ares's trial.


Appearances and Mentions

1.24 - Dad Always Liked Me Best

  • At first, Lucius claims that he's only driven Apollo's chariot once. Later, he says that he gets to ride in Apollo's chariot "whenever he wants".

1.28 - In Your Dreams

  • Apollo made a deal with Morpheus to keep the sun up for a few extra hours to "cut Morpheus some slack".

1.47 - Mila

  • Hercules tells Mila, "Well, Y-you could be the daughter of, like, you know, Poseidon, or Apollo, or..."