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Alcmene as played by Sharon Tyrell.


Widow of the late Amphitryon, mother of Hercules and Iphicles.



Television Tropes

Alcemene as played by Rachel Blakely.

Alcemene as played by Elizabeth Hawthorne.

Alcemene as played by Liddy Holloway.

Alcemene as played by Kim Michalis.

Appearances and Mentions

Young Hercules (Movie Pilot)

  • Alcmene is in the marketplace when Hercules arrives with Zeus's Urn. She scolds him for having taken it just before Iolaus tries to take it and ends up unleashing a cyclone upon the city. Later that night, she encourages him to go to Cheiron's Academy.

1.01 - Treasure of Zeus

  • Alcmene throws a bucket of water onto Hercules and Iolaus to end their stable fight. She bids Herc a fond farewell as he leaves to go back to the Academy, citing how she wishes he wasn't so obsessed with Zeus.

1.03 - What a Crockery

  • Alcmene is in her garden when a Traveling Stranger is thrown from his horse nearby. Her dog Bear, who is not normally very calm around strangers, seems to be downright docile around the stranger, so Alcmene feels comfortable inviting him into her home. She gives him food and a sling for his arm, and tries to turn down his offer of a chalice in return. She makes a pitcher of lemonade and takes it outside to a picnic table when Hercules and his friends arrive in a panic. They explain about the chalice, and the stranger reveals himself to be Ares. Alcmene and Hercules hide inside the house while Ares rages outside. She tries to convince her son to run and hide, but Hercules decides to fight Ares. After the fight and Ares leaves, she hugs Hercules.

1.18 - A Serpent's Tooth

  • Hercules tells Jason, "When I was a kid, my mom used to tell me this story about a monster, called a basilisk, okay? It's venom could turn a man to ashes."

1.27 - Mommy Dearests

  • Alcmene is menaced by Lucius, who ties her up and, with her still inside the house, sets the curtains in her kitchen on fire. After the fire is put out by Hercules and the others, she tries to reassure him that she isn't harmed, but to little avail.

1.31 - Home for the Holidays

  • When Hercules and his friends go to visit Alcmene for the Feast of Persephone, they're all surprised to see that Alcmene has taken interest in Capaneus, a handsome man who offered to help her with some odd jobs around the farm. Tired of Hercules' childish behavior over the subject, she sends him and Capaneus out to hunt the obligatory wild boar together while she, Lilith, and the others prepare the rest of the feast. However, when the boar gets away from them, it's Lilith and Alcmene who end up catching and killing it. The day after the feast, she and Capaneus part ways.

1.44 - Parents' Day

  • Despite recovering from a cold, Alcmene attends the Parents' Day festivities at Cheiron's Academy, much to the dread of Iolaus (who hired some actors to portray his parents because he didn't want his real parents to be there). She gets to spend very little time with Hercules, though, as the boys do everything in their power to keep her from meeting up with Iolaus' fake parents.