Academy Gates

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Located inside Cheiron's Academy.

Everyone has to pass through the gates to enter and exit the Academy - it leads into the Academy Courtyard. These gates are usually guarded by at least one armed cadet, and can be closed if the Academy has to defend itself from attack.

Front Gates

  • to be added

Side Gates

  • Seen in 1.19 - The Lure of the Lyre.
  • Different in style to the front gates, which are built to withstand an attack, these side gates appear as flimsy protection in comparison.
  • Guarded by a single cadet, but since it is not the main gate and therefore probably doesn't see much action at all, the cadet guard can be forgiven looking bored.
  • The gate is usually kept closed, but not bolted unless there's a threat.
  • Faces out to a forest area that eventually leads to Bacchus's Cavern.
  • The gates form a kind of cross-hatch barrier with one long wooden beam to secure it.
  • Cons: The cross-hatch is large enough for an enemy's arm to stick through, which puts anyone nearby at risk of being grabbed, and gives the enemy a chance to remove the beam holding the door closed. Also, the crosshatch is large enough for the toes of a boot to go through - an enemy could climb the gates and go over the top. With the space in the crosshatch, there is plenty of room for an arrow or a well-aimed spear to go through.
Academy Gates - Lure.png