Academy Dorms

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Academy Dorms in 1.02 - Between Friends.

Seen in: 1.02 - Between Friends, 1.06 - Teacher's Pests, 1.13 - Forgery, 1.16 - Down and Out in Academy Hills, 1.34 - Get Jason, 1.47 - Mila.

Located inside Cheiron's Academy, it's where the cadets sleep during the school year. The walls of the dormitory are lined with bunk beds and there are large chests to store clothing, money pouches, or what-have-you.

Academy Dorms in 1.06 - Teacher's Pests.
Academy Dorms in 1.13 - Forgery.
Academy Dorms in 1.28 - In Your Dreams.
Academy Dorms in 1.34 - Get Jason.
Academy Dorms in 1.34 - Get Jason.
Academy Dorms in 1.47 - Mila.

Sleeping Arrangements

During the Season 1 episodes, the dorms of the Academy are set up as bunks against the walls of a long hallway, one bunk closer to the floor with the second bunk on a raised platform inset closer to the wall. The bunk assignments change over the course of the season.