Academy Dining Hall

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Academy Dining Hall from 1.05 - Girl Trouble.

Seen in: 1.05 - Girl Trouble

Located inside Cheiron's Academy, and staffed by the Academy Cook.

Also known as a "mess hall", the Academy's dining hall is where the cadets have meals during the school week. The food is free, but not very well-liked especially compared to the fare at Kora's Inn.

Cafeteria Cuisine

Food served at Cheiron's Academy:

Food Reviews

Hercules: Last decent meal before Cheiron and his academy food.
- 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus
Jason: Ugh, uccch. What is it?

Hercules: Your guess is as good as mine.
Jason: That's it. I'm not eating. I'm going on a hunger strike.

- 1.05 - Girl Trouble
Hercules: Mmmm, real food. I can smell it already.

Jason [sarcastic]: Hey, man? You're not criticizing the academy's fine menu, are you?

- 1.07 - Inn Trouble
Iolaus: Why does Cheiron think everybody should eat oats?

Jason: It's a centaur thing.

- 1.13 - Forgery
Fish: This is good! I've never tasted anything like this before.

Jason: I haven't, either - until I came to the academy.

- 1.16 - Down and Out in Academy Hills
Iolaus: They've got good food here. Well, they have food here.
- 1.19 - The Lure of the Lyre
Fiducius: The cook has taken ill. Buterus, his cousin from Thebes, has been kind enough to fill in for him. Would you show him to the kitchen?

Hercules: Sure. Can he cook?
Fiducius: It never mattered before.

- 1.34 - Get Jason
Iolaus: How can anyone who does what he does with lamb be bad?

Lilith: No, but wait, if the cook is so good--
Hercules: --what's he doing in the Academy?

- 1.34 - Get Jason
Hercules: I lied. The cook's not as good as I said he was. I'm sorry. All he knows how to make is barley. You know, he makes barley stew and barley on toast and barley with a side of barley...

Alcmene: Perhaps I could show him a thing or two?
Hercules: You are the best mom. Thank you. He's right over there.
Alcmene: Over here?
Hercules: Over there. You can't miss him, okay? He's angry about his life and he's rolling around in barley.

- 1.44 - Parents' Day
      "Let's go," Iolaus said, walking quickly toward the door. "I'm starved. Right now even the usual Academy slop will taste like ambrosia."
- Young Hercules: Cheiron's Warriors