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  • To date, Cheiron's Academy has had at least three cooks: Buterus and two unknown.
  • In 1.05 - Girl Trouble, Hercules tells Jason and Iolaus that Cheiron promised them a new cook. When Lilith appears, the boys assume that she's there to fill the position, and are surprised to find out that she's just another cadet. After accidentally incapacitating a messenger, they are sent by Cheiron to Athens to hire a new cook.
  • In 1.34 - Get Jason, the current cook gets food poisoning (probably poisoned by Buterus) and Buterus poses as the cook's cousin from Thebes to assume the role of Academy Cook so that he can get close enough to assassinate Jason.
  • Not much is known about the other two cooks, except that their cooking is not terribly good (the food is complained about often - see Food Reviews).

Fiducius: The cook has taken ill. Buterus, his cousin from Thebes, has been kind enough to fill in for him. Would you show him to the kitchen?

Hercules: Sure. Can he cook?
Fiducius: It never mattered before.

- 1.34 - Get Jason
Hercules: I lied. The cook's not as good as I said he was. I'm sorry. All he knows how to make is barley. You know, he makes barley stew and barley on toast and barley with a side of barley...

Alcmene: Perhaps I could show him a thing or two?
Hercules: You are the best mom. Thank you. He's right over there.
Alcmene: Over here?
Hercules: Over there. You can't miss him, okay? He's angry about his life and he's rolling around in barley.

- 1.44 - Parents' Day