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Academy Classroom from 1.32 - Cram-Ped.

Seen in: 1.32 - Cram-Ped

Located inside Cheiron's Academy.

The Academy isn't just for learning how to wield a sword. There are numerous classes, taught by Fiducius and Cheiron. They include both the standards like mathematics, history, and geography, and a few less traditional things like monster recognition, first aid, and foreign languages.

Battle Science

Gregor: "Jason, we need someone strong in Battle Science for out study group. You in?"


Jason: "I can't. But, uh, Hercules is good in Calculation and Lilith is a phenom in Star Navigation, so ask them."


Hercules: "Ddid you sleep through ethics class?"
Iolaus: "I tried."

First Aid

Lilith: "Come on, Hercules! Tell me the truth! You took first aid!"

Language Class

Iolaus: "Mmm- what's a kindrah?"
Jason: "It's Centaur for 'Clan'. Don't you pay attention in language class?"

Maneuvers and Strategies

Jason: "How about yesterday's fire baton maneuver? I saw my life flash in front of my beautiful face."
  • "Tempus Locus Maneuver", mentioned in 1.47 - Mila
    • Hercules defeats Mila once with the "Tempus Locus Maneuver", and then offers to show it to her. In the next clip, Mila has mastered the maneuver enough to send Hercules to the ground on his back, and he commends her for learning it so fast, saying that he's been trying to teach the move to Iolaus for months.
    • The "Tempus Locus Maneuver" seems to involve doing a forward-flip over your enemy. As you are at the top of the arc - loop your legs over a branch limb or strategically placed trapeze bar (this will give you a chance to grab your enemy's weapon from them). Let go with your legs to finish your arc behind your enemy. Use the element of surprise to sweep your enemy's feet from under them.
      • Hercules, Iolaus, and Mila used the "Tempus Locus Maneuver" to escape when they were surrounded by Ares, Strife, and Discord. As the Gods released their attacks, the cadets front-flipped over each of the Gods' heads to hook their legs over a nearby tree branch. The energy from the Gods' attacks collided with each other and the feedback fried each of the Gods, causing them to vanish in an explosion of fire and smoke - at which point the cadets were save to drop from the trees and land on the ground.
Mila: "How'd you do that?"
Hercules: "That's the, uh, Tempus Locus Maneuver. I'll show it to you sometime if you want. ...yeah."

Monster Recognition Class

      "Baby ghidras," Iolaus muttered.

      Hercules rolled his eyes. "Those are not baby ghidras. Those are baby sea serpents."
      "Oh, come on, Herc. Those don't look anything like sea serpents."

      "Look, I know I paid attention in Cheiron's monster recognition class. And I know you were busy carving Kora's name into your desk."

Morning Drills

Lilith: "You know, I can't believe Cheiron made us do our morning laps through a cave full of spiders. I hate spiders."

Scouting Class

Hercules: "You sleep though scouting class? That marker means 'No Trespassing'."

Star Navigation

Jason: "I can't. But, uh, Hercules is good in Calculation and Lilith is a phenom in Star Navigation, so ask them."

Survival Training

  • "Sinking Ship Drill", mentioned in 1.28 - In Your Dreams
    • Judging by the conversation between Hercules and Iolaus, this particular survival training drill involves learning how to escape from a ship that is sinking or has already sunk. Because of his inability to swim and his hydrophobia, Iolaus mentions this as his least-favorite exercise.
Iolaus: "Remember that underwater escape he rigged up last week?"

Hercules: "Oh, yeah, the, uh, sinking ship drill."

Iolaus: "Yeah, let's just say I prefer dry land, lots of it, all around me, for miles."

Weapons Training