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Title Ill Wind
Episode # Season 1, Episode 49
First aired March 13, 1999
Directed by Simon Raby
Written by Jim Fisher
Jim Staahl
Summary Cyane is being poisoned, and can only communicate via Hercules' memories. Flashback ep.

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  • The Amazon power to communicate via a person's memories is used on Hercules in order to help him cure a sick Cyane (Katrina Browne).
  • The Amazon queen Cyane, old friend of Herc's is brought to the academy. Before passing out, she swore that only Hercules could save her. Hercules must risk destroying himself extracting jumbled images from Cyane's mind in order to solve the riddle of Cyane's illness and avert an attack from a rival Amazon tribe.

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  • When Cyane falls ill, the Amazons seek out Hercules for his help. Amazon Queens have a special aura given to them by the Gods that allows them to communicate through a person's memories. Hercules must decipher how to cure Cyane when she uses this power on him and uses flashes of his memories to try to communicate with him.


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Reality Check - Cheiron is quite confident that he can create the antidote after obtaining the vial of poison. But how? If the poison is from an animal like a snake, spider, or insect, he could have tried injecting a small diluted amount of the venom into a host animal, using the host animal to produce an antivenom which he could then extract and give to Cyane. But this process of creating antivenom wasn't documented until 1895 (source). He could have also tried using Activated Carbon to bind to poison and prevent its absorption by the gastrointestinal tract, but that practice doesn't seem to have been discovered until after 1813 (source). In the end, there doesn't seem to be any proof so far that Cheiron could have created an antidote simply by using the poison.

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