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Title Apollo
Episode # Season 1, Episode 48
First aired March 12, 1999
Directed by
Written by
Summary Herc, Iolaus, Theseus wander onto Apollo's beach. Apollo is a jerk. Herc values friendship.

FoxKids Spoilers

  • Hercules' half-brother, Apollo (Scott Michaelson), becomes jealous of Hercules' popularity and attacks the academy.
  • HERCULES, THESEUS, AND IOLAUS, on an errand for the academy, stumble upon some beautiful Nymphs on a beach. It turns out that this is APOLLO's beach, and the angry sun god surfs down and attacks the 'mortal trespassers.' When Apollo realizes that one of the guys is his half-brother Hercules, he changes his tune. He asks Herc to stay and enjoy the godly life with him for a while. Herc says he has to get back. The academy is like a home to him, the cadets are like family. This rejection infuriates Apollo, who surfs up to the sun to double the temperature on the beach. The cadets and Nymphs barely survive the onslaught, and Herc and the cadets quickly leave. Apollo, still angry, goes and attacks the academy. When Herc and the guys get there, there he is bringing them trouble again!). Cheiron is hurt, but Herc valiantly fights Apollo. Herc reminds Apollo that though he may be a god, he has no one to really call family, and nowhere to really call home.

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  • When Hercules tells his half-brother Apollo that no one really likes him, they are just afraid of him and humor him, Apollo doesn't take it well. He becomes jealous of Hercules and his friends and attacks the Academy.


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Continuity Warning - Hercules encounters Apollo with Iolaus and Theseus on the beach, but in the flashback episode HtLJ - 4.21 - Top God, he meets Apollo and they mess with Jason. How they met are two totally different stories.
Continuity Warning - Hercules has two long burn-marks on his shirt from when Apollo puts him in a full nelson and turns on the heat. However, if you look closely, the char marks magically appear on his shirt several seconds before Apollo gets his hands on him.

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