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Title Mila
Episode # Season 1, Episode 47
First aired March 11, 1999
Directed by
Written by
Summary Mila, an Amazon searching for her father, is tricked by Ares into attacking Hercules.

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  • A young Amazon (Sonia Gray) searching for the father she never knew is misled into believing that Ares (Kevin Smith) is him, and he, in turn, tries to convince her to kill Hercules.
  • An attractive, powerful new girl cadet arrives at the academy. Her name is Mila, and she makes quite an impression. She is interested in Hercules because she believes she is, like he is, demi-god, the child of a mortal woman and a god. Dreams have pushed her to seek out Herc for his help in finding her immortal father. Just as Hercules and Mila begin to bond over similar yearnings to find their absentee parent, Mila is tricked, by Ares, into believing that she is his daughter. In fact, Ares has been behind the dreams driving Mila to go to Hercules. Now, as her 'dad,' Ares tells Mila that Herc is evil, and has been trying to destroy him. Won't she help? Now Mila has to decide who to listen to -- her new friend, or her new father? Hercules' life hangs in the balance.

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  • Hercules and Iolaus meet up with a young Amazon named Mila who is searching for the father she never knew, which Ares thinks is a great opportunity. Ares claims that he is Mila's father in order to get her under his control. His goal: he wants her to kill Hercules.


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Trivia & References

Déjà Vu - The white robe that Hercules wears in Mila's dream is the same robe that Pollux wears in 1.24 - Dad Always Liked Me Best.
Nod to X:WP - At the end of the episode, Ares says, "Oh, Mila, we could have been so useful for each other. My mortal protege. Guess I'm gonna have to find another!" It could be a direct reference to the well-known fact that Ares turned Xena into his perfect warrior until Hercules convinced her to see the side of good as well.

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