1.46 - Under Siege

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Title Under Siege
Episode # Season 1, Episode 46
First aired March 10, 1999
Directed by
Written by
Summary Hephaestus dates Cyane, who is being controlled by Ares. New weapons are made.

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  • Someone has gotten hold of a weapon of incredible explosive power (for ancient Greece) and is attracting the academy. To Hercules's shock, it is an old friend: Amazon queen Cyane. Herc, Theseus, and Iolaus try to shut down the terrifying explosive rockets, but get captured by Cyane's Amazons. They discover that she has been brainwashed by Ares into believing that Cheiron is training the cadets to attack and destroy the Amazons. Further complicating the crisis, Herc's old friend, the gentle god of the forge, Hephaestus, is revealed to be the one supplying the rockets to Cyane (not knowing they're being used as weapons). Worse, it is revealed that Heph and Cyane are in love. Now Hercules has to find a way to diffuse the situation without hurting Cyane, and without angering the powerful Hephaestus -- or breaking his heart.
  • Hercules discovers that Ares (Kevin Smith) is behind an attack by the Amazons in which the women warriors use missile-like weapons that were forged by Hephaestus (Jason Hoyte).

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  • When the Amazons attack the Academy with missile-like weapons forged by Hephaestus, it's up to Hercules to ensure that no one gets hurt and to figure out the real reason of the attack. The real threat is actually Ares, who has Cyane under his control and is orchestrating all of this for one reason: to destroy Hercules.


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