1.44 - Parents' Day

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Title Parents Day
Episode # Season 1, Episode 44
First aired March 2, 1999
Directed by
Written by
Summary Iolaus hires actors to pretend to be his parents. His real parents show up. Hilarity ensues.

FoxKids Spoiler

  • For the academy's Parents Day, not-making-the-grade Iolaus hires two actors to portray his mother and father (Janine Burchett, Stuart Devenie). Then his real parents show up.

TV Guide Promo

  • It's Parents Day at the Academy and Iolaus hires two actors to pretend to be his parents so his real ones don't find out how poor his grades are and to not be disappointed in him once again. Things get complicated fast when the actors are revealed as thieves, Iolaus's real parents show up and Hercules must keep Alcmene from discovering Iolaus's deception and revealing the truth. Meanwhile Lilith's sister visits and announces she plans to take Lilith home.


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Trivia & References

Bechdel Test - Lilith and Neina hold several conversations about what Lilith is doing with her life.
Déjà Vu - Fake Skourous wears an armor chestplate that is nearly identical to the one worn by the Floating Suit of Armor, and is the same as the armor worn by the Spartan Envoy.

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