1.38 - Me, Myself, and Eye

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Title Me, Myself, and Eye
Episode # Season 1, Episode 38
First aired February 17, 1999
Directed by
Written by
Summary Hercules uses a magic eye to see the future. The owners of the Eye make his friends suffer.

FoxKids Spoiler

  • When Hercules gains possession of a mystical, fortune-telling eye, the three blind seers who once shared it seek Artemis's help in getting it back, and Artemis, in turn, invokes a curse on Jason and Iolaus.

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  • After Hercules comes into possession of a mystical eye that allows the bearer to see into the future, the three blind women who share it, invoke Artemis's help into recovering it. The result curses his friends causing Jason to be turned into a pig and Iolaus to be attacked by plants.


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Bechdel Test - The three sisters manage to exchange a few lines that aren't about a man.
Reality Check - Cheiron indicates that one of the statues is "Neptune, God of the Sea." But Neptune was a Roman god; his Greek equivalent was Poseidon.

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