1.37 - The Head That Wears The Crown

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Title The Head That Wears The Crown
Episode # Season 1, Episode 37
First aired February 5, 1999
Directed by
Written by
Summary Jason prepares for coronation. A giantess that Herc finds strangely familiar wrecks havoc.

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  • The day before Jason is to be crowned King of Corinth, the monstrous giant Galinthia begins to ravage the countryside. The scaly giantess wants revenge for an attack Jason's father made on her ten years earlier. She has vowed that no son of King Aeson will ever wear the crown of Corinth. Hercules wants to try to negotiate with the monster. Jason agrees at first, but under the influence of Balian, the captain of the palace guard, Jason lays a trap and captures Galinthia. The monster is to be executed before the coronation for her crimes. Feeling that Jason deceived him about negotiating with Galinthia, Hercules frees the monster, after first extracting a promise from her that she will leave the kingdom of Corinth. But when Jason and Balian intervene, Galinthia breaks her promise and takes Iolaus hostage, offering to trade his life for Jason's. Hercules and Jason must reconcile their differences to rescue Iolaus from the monster before Balian and the palace guards attack the monster's lair and escalate the violence. When Herc and Jason defeat the monster and send her into exile. Balian acknowledges Jason's courage, even if it is a different kind of courage than that of his father, King Aeson. Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason are reunited just in time for Jason's coronation.
  • A vengeful monster terrorizes the countryside on the eve of Jason's coronation, and he and Hercules argue over how to deal with the beast.

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  • On the eve of Jason's coronation, a monster ravages the countryside in order to extract revenge on Jason's father, for an attack made on her ten years before. Deciding on how to deal with the situation puts Jason and Hercules at odds with one another.


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Continuity, Yay!: A ram's head appears in two places on Jason's coronation robes (the center of his crown and the pin holding his cloak on). No doubt this is a nod to the pilot movie, wherein Jason and the others retrieved the Golden Fleece.

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