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Title Hind Sight
Episode # Season 1, Episode 36
First aired February 4, 1999
Directed by Andrew Merrifield
Written by Shari Goodhartz
Summary Hercules has to keep hunters and his own friends from hunting down a Golden Hind.

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  • While Hercules is smitten by a crush of Olympian proportion for a mysterious girl hiding in the forest, Jason, Iolaus, and three loud-mouthed Hunters compete to kill a legendary Golden Hind. But the Hind is under the protection of Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt, whose secret acolyte turns out to be Kora. She shows Herc the beauty of the shimmering Golden Hind, who isn't quite what she appears. Herc and Kora work together to try to save her and, in the end, Herc must use his wits to insure that the hunt stops for good.
  • Hercules and Kora (Angela Dotchin) try to keep a pair of hunters from capturing a rare and beautiful creature called a Golden Hind, who is also being by tracked by Jason and Iolaus.

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  • When Artemis's favourite creature, a Golden Hind, is spotted, Hercules and Kora team up to try to keep the beautiful and rare creature out of the fatal hands of the hunters who are tracking her, as well as keep her away from two other hunters, Jason and Iolaus.


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Hercules: Hey, listen. You think if I went after her, she'd talk to me?

Jason: I wouldn't do that. No matter how special you think she is.
Hercules: Why not?

Jason: Well, she ran away. Is that too subtle for you?
Jason: Maybe she has an invisible friend for Iolaus.

Iolaus: I can work with invisible.

Jason: You usually do.

Trivia & References

Continuity, Yay! - After hearing about the Golden Hind, the next few lines reveal an insight into the motivation behind each character: Jason thinks about the fame, Iolaus speculates about the market value of the hide, and Hercules thinks about impressing his father. This harkens back to 1.01 - Treasure of Zeus when the guys go after Zeus's Chalice - Jason is the one who mentions that Herc is keeping the glory to himself, Iolaus says that he cares about the treasure and not the glory, and Hercules is only interested in the Chalice and impressing his father.
Pop Culture References - There are definitely some visual similarities in the brown-and-white outfits of The Huntress and the Magic the Gathering card Caller Of The Hunt.
Continuity Warning - Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason try to help Kora protect Helene, the Golden Hind, from Hunters, despite the HtLJ episode arc, 3.13 "Encounter", 3.14 "When A Man Loves A Woman", 3.15 "Judgement Day", where Hercules encounters Serena, the last Golden Hind, for the very first time, having never had any contact with the species before. "It's kind of a doe." "A deer?" "A female deer?"
Continuity Warning - In the final scene at night during the close-up on Herc's face before Helene joins him, the water behind him is flowing to the left, proving the footage had been flipped. After Helene joins him, the water behind them flows to the right.

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