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Title My Fair Lilith
Episode # Season 1, Episode 35
First aired February 3, 1999
Directed by
Written by
Summary To turn down a marriage proposal and prevent a war, Lilith has to pretend to be Jason's wife.

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  • From a sensitive yet volatile neighboring leader Jason receives an unexpected coronation present - the hand of the king's daughter. In an effort to graciously return the gift without offending, Lilith poses as Jason's new wife, and it is up to Hercules to keep the ruse from unraveling.
  • Jason asks Lilith to masquerade as his bride after a king (Michael Keir-Morrissey) offers his daughter's hand in marriage.

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  • When a king offers his daughter's hand in marriage as a gift to Jason for his coronation, he pleads with Lilith to masquerade as his bride rather than marry someone he doesn't know or love. The problem is that the princess's jealous boyfriend shows up and is out to get Jason and it's up to Hercules to straighten out the whole mess while keeping the King from finding out and keeping Jason alive.


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Trivia & References

Pop Culture References and Greekisms - The title "My Fair Lilith" is a reference to the 1964 film "My Fair Lady" starring Audrey Hepburn, based on the play by George Bernard Shaw. The film is about a British linguist who accepts a wager that he can take a cockney flower girl from the streets and transform her into a refined Victorian lady with an aristocratic accent good enough to pass in upper-class society.
Bechdel Test - Lilith and Princess Dido manage to exchange a few lines that aren't about Jason, King Cadmus, or Antos.
Reality Check - After Antos threatens Hercules in flowery, poetic speech, Hercules points to himself and says, "Uh, no, English!" Hercules should tell Antos to speak to him in Greek, not English. At this point in history, "English" didn't even exist yet as a language.
Nod to HtLJ and X:WP - Lilith poses as Jason's wife so he doesn't have to marry Princess Dido. Later, it is revealed in HtLJ episode "5.17 - The Academy" that Jason and Lilith eventually were lovers and even had a child together, daughter Seska.

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