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Title Get Jason
Episode # Season 1, Episode 34
First aired February 2, 1999
Directed by
Written by
Summary Senior Prank Day, and Hercules thinks someone is trying to kill Jason.

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  • Assassin Buterus is hired by shrewd politician, Proaax, to eliminate Jason (via an accident) before his coronation so Proaax can step in as king. A seemingly easy task turns impossible, when Prank Days at the academy makes Jason the target for everyone's fun and Buterus becomes the victim of not only his own elaborate traps for Jason, but the traps set by Iolaus, Lilith and Hercules.
  • On Prank Day, a celebration of jokes and gags, Hercules is unable to convince anyone that Jason is being targeted by an assassin who's been recruited by a politician who seeks the throne.

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  • A shrewd politician hires an assassin to kill Jason before his coronation, in order to clear the path for himself to step in as king of Corinth. However, once Hercules learns of this plan he attempts to tell everyone but no one believes him. The problem is that it's Prank Day and everyone thinks he's setting them up for a joke.


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Unanswered Questions - How far did the horse pull Jason and his bed before Hercules and the others caught up to him? For that matter, why didn't Jason just jump off?
Unanswered Questions - Exactly how does one turn an entire human blue?

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