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Title Golden Bow
Episode # Season 1, Episode 30
First aired November 19, 1998
Directed by
Written by
Summary Hercules and Kora compete to win Artemis's Golden Bow. Strife causes trouble.

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  • In hopes of bargaining for her release from her obligations to Artemis, Kora (in masked disguise) defeats Hercules in an archery competition and wins the golden bow of Artemis. When Strife decides to get the bow at all costs, Hercules and Kora must put their individual selfish desires aside and battle for what is really important--the life of a friend.
  • At an archery contest, Kora (Angela Dotchin) wins a bow that once belonged to Artemis, so she plans to return it to the goddess, until a thug steals it from her.

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  • Kora wins a bow that originally belonged to Artemis in an archery contest and plans to give it back to her. Hercules learns that Kora has been a servant of Artemis' after having been saved by the goddess years ago just when a thug in league with Strife steals the bow. Hercules attempts to help Kora retrieve it and free her from Artemis's debt.


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Bechdel Test - Kora and Artemis talk about the terms of her service.
Pop Culture References - There are definitely some visual similarities in the brown-and-white outfits of The Huntress and the Magic the Gathering card Caller Of The Hunt.

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