1.28 - In Your Dreams

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Title In Your Dreams
Episode # Season 1, Episode 28
First aired November 13, 1998
Directed by Charlie Haskell
Written by Doug Molitor
Eric Lewald
Summary Ares calls in a favor from Morpheus and traps the cadets in the Dreamworld. To save his friends, Hercules must face his greatest fear.

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  • After Ares tricks Morpheus into giving him the power to administer dreams for a night, Ares fashions one heck of a nightmare designed to destroy Hercules. On a mission to save his friends, Hercules enters the depths of a dream world from which no one has ever returned. Will he be able to face his worse fear to save himself and the rest of the cadets, or will he fail and perish?
  • Kidnapped cadets are sent to Morpheus's dream world, where Hercules follows them and is confronted by his worst nightmare, his alter-ego who kills at will.

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  • When Ares strikes a deal with Morpheus the god of dreams, he kidnaps the cadets and sends them into the dream world. Hercules must follow them to the dream realm, where he meets his worst fear, an alternate version of himself who punishes and kills without regret.


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Trivia & References

Reality Check - Ceres was the Roman Goddess of Agriculture. Her Greek equivalent was Demeter.
Nod to HtLJ and X:WP - The mythology of the Dreamscape Passage was created in X:WP "1.03 - Dreamworker".
Pop Culture References and Greekisms - Morpheus says "Hey! Someone's rockin' my dreamboat!" - "Someone's Rockin' My Dreamboat" is a song originally by the The Ink Spots, a vocal group from the 1930s and '40s.
Pop Culture References and Greekisms - Lilith's eerie song in the dream world is sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star".
Pop Culture References and Greekisms - When Ares thinks that Hercules destroyed himself, he makes a motion with his hands known as "Raising the Roof" - this was a common term of the late 1990's which generally describes placing your arms in the air with your hands at a 90 degree angle, as if you were placing them on a ceiling and then moving your arms up and down in the position. - Answers.com

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