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Title Herc's Nemesis
Episode # Season 1, Episode 25
First aired November 10, 1998
Directed by Charlie Haskell
Written by Jim Fisher & Jim Staahl
Summary Herc has to stop Nemesis from carrying out an unjust punishment.

FoxKids Spoilers

  • Following orders from Hera, Nemesis (assassin to the gods) appears in Kora's to execute Rowab--a man accused of stealing oil from Hera's temple to save his dying child. Hercules thwarts her efforts, and convinces Nemesis that she shouldn't blindly kill mortals based on orders from an evil, jealous god. Because of his good deed, he finds himself the target of Hera's rage at the hands of Nemesis' replacement killer, Stregna.
  • After Hercules talks Hera's assassin, Nemesis (Charmaine Guest), into sparing the life of an innocent mortal, Hera sends a killer after the two of them.

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  • Hercules meets Nemesis, the assassin of the Gods, and talks her out of blindly killing a mortal just because Hera tells her to. The two then fall victim to Hera who sends a replacement killer after both of them.


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Trivia & References

New Guy - Nemesis and Stregna are introduced for the first time.
Continuity Warning - Hercules and Nemesis seem to meet each other for the first time in this episode. But in HtLJ "1.07 - Pride Comes Before a Brawl", it's revealed that Hercules kissed Nemesis for the first time when he was ten years old.
Continuity Warning - When Jason introduces himself, Constable Tarsus bows and says "The young prince!" But shouldn't Tarsus remember what Jason looks like from when they met at Cheiron's Academy in 1.02 - Between Friends?
Bechdel Test - This episode passes twice: Nemesis and Hera briefly speak about Nemesis's talents before the conversation goes to her father, and Hera and Stregna talk about Nemesis.
Unanswered Questions - After Hercules cuts Stregna's hair, she swears "You've won this time. But my hair will come back... and so will I." But she's never seen or heard from again. What happened to her and her vengeance?

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