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Title Ares on Trial
Episode # Season 1, Episode 15
First aired October 9, 1998
Directed by Charlie Haskell
Written by John Loy
Summary Iolaus and Jason think that Herc is dead. Hercules is forced to defend Ares in front of an Olympian Tribunal.

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  • Hercules must defend Ares in a trial to determine whether or not Ares has broken Zeus' protection order and attempted to destroy him. It's a difficult case where what you see isn't necessarily what you get, proving once again that anything can happen in a world of gods vs. mortals.
  • Ares (Kevin Smith) goes on trial before the gods after he, yet again, attempts to murder Hercules. In a surprising development, Ares asks that Hercules defend him before the court.

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  • After Ares attempts to kill Hercules yet again, he is put on trial by the Gods for violating Zeus's order of protection. Ares proceeds to claim he is innocent and asks Hercules to defend him, baffling Hercules, who reluctantly decides to defend Ares.


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Trivia & References

Greekisms - Jason remarks, "You gotta crack a scroll every now and then if you wanna graduate, my friend." This is a greekified version of the slang "crack a book", meaning "Fig. to open a book to study" - The Free Dictionary.
Continuity, Yay! - After finding out that Iolaus chose the wrong answer for a test question, Hercules says, "Listen, next time we'll study together, all right?". He fulfills this promise in the episode 1.32 - Cram-Ped, when he rounds up the other cadets to help Iolaus study.
Pop Culture References and Greekisms - Ares says, "I guess we find out if blood really is thicker than water." This is a play on the German proverb "Blood is thicker than water", which generally means that the bonds of family and common ancestry are stronger than the bonds between unrelated people (such as friendship) - Wikipedia.
Pop Culture References - Ares's comment "Goodnight, John-Boy!" is a reference to the television show "The Waltons".
Pop Culture References - Strife says, "That's my name. Don't wear it out." Although the exact origin of the phrase is not recorded, the saying "That's my name. Don't wear it out." originates from the 50s. It is also used in the movie Grease (set in 1959, made 1978).
New Guy - This episode is the first time Apollo and Athena are introduced.
Aired Out Of Order - Hephaestus appears in this episode, although he won't be officially "introduced" to Hercules until 1.16 - Down and Out in Academy Hills.
Unanswered Questions - What was Ares really doing while Strife was beating up Hercules and Discord was watching? Herc appears to be left alone in the courtroom - how did he get back to the Academy?

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