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Title No Way Out
Episode # Season 1, Episode 14
First aired October 7, 1998
Directed by Charlie Haskell
Written by Adam Armus & Nora Kay Foster
Summary Hercules and Lilith get trapped in a cave. Ares uses Lilith to try to kill Herc.

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  • As Iolaus and Jason decorate for Lilith's party, Hercules takes her on a diversionary field trip that leads them to a local cave. Diversion turns to disaster when the cave, in which they are exploring, collapses, cripples Lilith, and leaves her vulnerable to the conniving Ares (God of War) who convinces her to poison Hercules.
  • In an attempt to divert her attention from plans for her surprise party, Hercules takes Lilith (Jodie Rimmer) on a field trip that turns disastrous when they get trapped in a cave-in.

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  • Hercules takes Lilith on a field trip to divert her from the surprise party that the others are setting up but as usual trouble follows. A cave-in traps them and Ares attempts to manipulate Lilith into unknowingly poisoning Hercules.


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      In the main training hall of the Academy, Lilith is practicing her gymnastic moves. As she finishes her routine, she hears Hercules clapping in appreciation. She thanks him, telling him that she's been working on it all morning. Hercules tells her that she needs to take a break, and invites her to go mushroom picking. Lilith is confused at the invitation, as Hercules hates mushrooms. She begins to practice some more, but Hercules stops her, reminding her that she won the Dacuuda and telling her that she deserves to take the day off. Lilith tells him that the problem with being number one is that one of the guys is always trying to take her title. Hercules tries to convince her to go mushroom picking to build character, and when Lilith is incredulous, Hercules tries reverse psychology, "I come in here. I try to be nice. You don't wanna come with me? Okay." Lilith agrees to come with him, and Hercules flashes a wink over his shoulder as they stroll out.

      Iolaus and Jason are crouched behind a short wall in the gym, and they come out after Hercules and Lilith leave. They enter the gym, discussing decorations for a party they're planning to throw in Lilith's honor. Jason calls Iolaus a party animal, and Iolaus remarks that he just crashed parties, he never threw them. He references the parties that Jason threw at the palace, but Jason says that the palace staff set those up, not him. Everyone is expecting them to throw Lilith a great surprise party. Iolaus looks at Jason, "We're in big trouble."

      Inside the mushroom cave, Hercules warns Lilith not to eat any of the mushrooms until Cheiron has checked them out. Lilith wonders how something so tasty can come from such a disgusting place as the cave. Lilith heads towards the back of the cave to look for bigger mushrooms, but Hercules has a bad feeling. Lilith blows him off, walking further into the cave when suddenly the ground starts shaking. Dirt and rocks falling from the ceiling as Hercules grabs Lilith and tries to shield her head as they make a run for the cave entrance, but are buried under rubble before they reach it.

      A little while later, the air has cleared and the rocks have stopped falling. Sticking out from a pile of rubble, Hercules's hand twitches. Hercules rolls a large rock off of his upper body, and proceeds to push more rocks off of his legs. He calls out for Lilith, but there's no response. He spots her a few feet away and crawls over to her, pushing a large rock off of her upper body. Lilith is awake, but she can't move her leg. Hercules starts shifting the rocks off of her legs, and gets worried - she's hurt pretty bad. Lilith starts to freak out but Hercules tries to keep her calm. Hercules tries to shift the last large rock off of Lilith's leg, but stops when she cries out in pain. He asks her what's wrong, and she tells him that her head hurts.

      Back at the Academy, Iolaus suggests a military theme for the party, with weapons on the walls and swords hanging over the archway. "So it can look... like it does now," Jason says. Iolaus asks Jason for ideas, and Jason remarks that besides being a cadet, Lilith is a girl. Iolaus realizes that all they have to do is figure out what a girl cadet would want, and he begins to get in touch with his "feminine side" by tossing back his hair and crossing his legs. Jason quickly makes his exit.

      Back in the cave, Hercules has already extricated Lilith from the rubble and placed a splint on her leg, and is carrying her through the cave as they search for a way out. They reach a dead end - fallen rock has formed a wall - and Hercules sets Lilith down on the ground. Lilith is dreaming, moaning, and crying out for Marcus. Hercules wakes her and calms her down, letting her know that he's going over to where the rubble is and tells her to keep talking to him. He asks her who Marcus is, and she tells him about her brother and how he died when their village was attacked by bandit attacks when she was eight. Hercules asks about her parents and she tells him that they died when she was so young that she doesn't remember them anymore. Lilith starts coughing and Hercules offers her a waterskin to drink from. Lilith is shaking, so Hercules sits down next to her and puts his arm around her shoulders, asking her more about the bandits. Lilith tells him about how she made herself village lookout because she could sense trouble, and teaches him the hand signal she would give her brothers to warn them. She tells Hercules about growing up, how her sister didn't understand her, how she wanted to be a warrior like Marcus. Because she was so small, she could catch an opponent off guard, but soon the bandits knew about her, and she had to learn how to fight, so she came to Cheiron's Academy. "You taught the rest of us how to fight," Hercules says, and Lilith laughs.

      Jason and Kora walk through the Academy dining hall, going over the menu for the surprise party. A huge pink cart is wheeled in, and Jason and Kora look on in shock. Iolaus appears in the curtain of pink ribbons, "So... isn't this just great?" Jason and Kora are speechless.

      Hercules tries to help Lilith through the gap in the wall of rubble, but with her injured leg it's too painful to fit through the gap, and finally Hercules sets her back down. He tells her that he'll be back soon with every cadet in the Academy, and then climbs through the gap. Lilith is left alone in the center of the cave, and she begins to cry. The camera pans away, revealing Ares standing behind a rock outcropping, watching her. Ares murmurs to himself that she should save her tears, as she'll need them for when he uses her to destroy Hercules.

      Lilith has fallen asleep and is dreaming about her brother Marcus dying as she tries to take care of him. When she opens her eyes she calls out for Hercules, but she is all alone in the chamber.

      Hercules is shifting more rocks, and he finally can see outside and hear birds. With a grin, he continues moving the rocks to make the gap bigger.

      Lilith opens her eyes again and sees Ares crouched beside her. She doesn't know who he is, and he takes her hand and tells her that he's a friend, a healer, and that Hercules sent him. Lilith is happy to hear that Hercules made it out of the cave. Ares tells Lilith that Hercules is injured, and that she has to help him when he returns. He takes the waterskin from her backpack and waves a glowing hand over it, telling Lilith that the waterskin contains medicine, and Hercules must take a drink from it to be healed. "Heal him," Ares instructs, and vanishes.

      Jason and Iolaus are arguing over the pink table. "This is what you call getting in touch with your feminine side?" Jason demands, while Iolaus replies, "Yeah, that's beautiful!" Kora tries to break up the fight, but they both ignore her. Jason smacks the paper pig off of the table, and Iolaus shoves him. Jason shoves back, causing Iolaus to knock the whole pink table over. "Oh, it's so on!" Iolaus cries, and tackles Jason. The boys fall onto a table covered with food, knocking the food everywhere as they roll onto the floor, still roughhousing. Kora walks out on them, and the guys each blame each other and continue rolling around on the floor fighting until they notice Cheiron standing there. Cheiron asks them how the party preparations are coming, and the guys say that they're just sampling the desserts as Jason wipes some cake frosting off of Iolaus's nose and tastes it. Cheiron just smiles and nods.

      Hercules makes it back to Lilith's side, waking her. He tells her that he found the way out, and Lilith asks if Hercules saw the healer. Hercules tells her that she was probably just dreaming, but Ares's voice urges her on. Lilith passes the waterskin to Hercules, telling him that his friend made her promise for him to drink. He takes the waterskin and she takes his hand, squeezing it, "Remember how I helped my brothers?"

      Hercules uncaps the waterskin and drinks from it, before turning back to Lilith with a smile. But his smile quickly fades; Hercules tries to stand up, but he collapses back to the ground. Lilith gets worried and calls out his name as Hercules shakes and winces in pain, then slackens and goes still. "Hercules, what's happening to you? No! Why won't you answer?"

      Ares materializes between them, "Because it's darn difficult to hear when you're dead!" Lilith again asks him who he is, and he reveals that he's Ares, God of War, and gloats over the trick he just played. Ares pulls Herc's limp body across his lap and Lilith cries as she pets Herc's hair, "What did you make me do to him?" Ares tells her to stop, that she's ruining his finest moment. Ares grins, talking about how much he's dreamed of this moment, when suddenly Hercules tells him that he can keep dreaming. Hercules grabs Ares's arm quickly gets to his feet, tossing Ares across the cavern.

      "It worked! You're alive" Lilith cries as Hercules helps her up, thanking her for the hand signal warning. Ares stalks back towards them, and Hercules says, "You know, it wouldn't'a taken a brain surgeon to figure out my brother was behind all this." Angry at being fooled, Ares attacks with a bolt of energy, which Hercules dodges. Hercules tells Ares to just let them go, since they both know he isn't allowed to kill Hercules. Ares says that he'll just attack Herc's "girlfriend" instead, and both Hercules and Lilith are quick to correct him that they're "just friends, okay?"

      Hercules runs at Ares and launches a kick at his chest, sending Ares flying back into the cave wall, triggering the cave to begin collapsing again. Ares attacks Hercules with his sword and Hercules fends him off before getting hit with a kick and falling to the ground. Ares turns, preparing to attack Lilith with his sword, when Hercules leaps to his feet and flips across the room to kick Ares away from her. Ares renews his attacks with a sword and Lilith tosses Herc her sword and they fight. Ares overpowers Hercules, kicking him to the ground before once again turning to attack Lilith with a laugh. Even with her injured leg, she manages to dodge his swinging sword. Hercules notices a large amount of rubble suspended precariously on a high ledge. Shouting a warning to Lilith, he grabs a rock and throws it at the ledge, dislodging the rubble to fall on top of Ares, burying him as Lilith uses the gymnastic move she was practicing earlier to get past Ares. Hercules grabs Lilith, bracing her with her arm around his neck, and they make a run for it, hobbling through the cave and dodging falling rocks. They dive out of the cave just as the cave collapses, spewing dust from the opening. As they roll to a stop, Lilith props herself up and asks Hercules if all of his family is like that. "I hope not," Hercules says.

      Hercules carries Lilith into the Academy, where decorations are strewn everywhere. "What's going on?" Lilith asks, and Hercules coughs a signal, as all the cadets jump out and yell "Surprise!" Cheiron walks up, telling Lilith that the party is for her, for winning the Dacuuda competition. Lilith thanks everyone, saying that she has a lot to celebrate today. Cheiron tells her that everyone worked hard to put together the party, especially Iolaus and Jason. Hercules asks where they are, and Cheiron points to where they're sleeping on the floor, "The party preparations really took their toll." Cheiron asks what happened to them, and Hercules says "Mushroom picking." "It sure was character building," Lilith adds, and shares a laugh with Hercules while Cheiron smiles.

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Lilith: Well, you see, the problem with being number one is one'a you guys is always trying to take my title.
Iolaus: Great. So what do you got on the list, party-boy?

Jason: You're the party animal.
Iolaus: Me? Oh, no, no. I never threw parties. I just crashed 'em. Though... there was that time I helped organize the all-the-
Jason and Iolaus: -pork-you-can-eat competition at the village fair!
Iolaus: Yeah! It was kind of messy, though.

Jason: Yeah, something classier than that.
Jason: What are you doing?

Iolaus: I'm just, y'know, getting in touch with my feminine side.

Jason: Right. I'm going to go...away from you.
Iolaus: You touched my pig! You totally touched my pig!!
Ares: It is not nice to fool the God of War!

Trivia & References

Continuity, Yay! - Hercules mentions that Lilith "already won the Daccuda" - this is a reference to 1.08 - Keeping Up With the Jasons when Lilith wins the Daccuda (an award for the student demonstrating the highest ideals of the academy).
New Guy - This episode is the first time Ares is introduced to Lilith.
Reality Check? - Hercules says, "You know, it wouldn't've taken a brain surgeon to figure out 'my brother' was behind all this." You would think brain surgery wouldn't have existed back then, but apparently there is ample evidence of brain surgery dating back all the way to the Neolithic (late Stone Age) period. (source)

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