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Title Battle Lines I
Episode # Season 1, Episode 11
First aired October 1, 1998
Directed by Charlie Haskell
Written by Len Uhley
Summary A war is brewing between the Amazons and the Centaurs. Ep 1 of 2.

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  • As the Amazons settle in their new homeland, Strife and Discord stir up trouble by pitting the Centaurs against them. Hercules, Iolaus, and former cadet turned Amazon, Lilith, find themselves in the middle of a senseless conflict between friends fueled by lies and deceit.
  • Strife and Discord's distorted lies may lead to a war between Hercules' friends.

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  • Strife and Discord trick the centaurs and the amazons into going to war. Hercules and his friends don't know who to side with.


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      Fade in on Cheiron's Academy - it's early morning. Cadets are assembled in the main gym area, including Hercules and Iolaus who are still yawning. Jason tweaks both of their ears and Iolaus swats at him. Fiducius steps up in front of the group and says, "Good morning, students." Some cadets mumble a lackluster response, or just continue conversations amongst themselves. Hercules whispers something to Iolaus and Iolaus laughs. Fiducius claps for attention, and repeats his greeting, to which the cadets dutifully chant in unison, "Good morning, Fiducius." Chest stuck-out, Fiducius proudly announces that until further notice, he would be acing Headmaster at the academy. Hercules asks what happened to Cheiron, and Jason explains that he was called back home to his kindrah. Fiducius continues his announcements, with Hercules and Iolaus quietly mocking him. Fiducius calls on Jason to supervise the drill instruction, to which Hercules and Iolaus start teasing Jason in a friendly manner. Fiducius accidentally knocks over a stand of quarterstaffs, causing the cadets to laugh as he awkwardly starts picking up the staffs. Jason starts the group off with basic stretches. Hercules and Iolaus continue chatting about Cheiron leaving as they exercise - Hercules doing the proper exercises while Iolaus does the bare minimum of movements. Iolaus tries to talk Hercules into following Cheiron, since Cheiron wouldn't leave unless it was a major catastrophe, and because neither one of them want to hang around with Fiducius when it's Friday and they won't miss much. Iolaus convinces Hercules and they both duck out of the group and head out the door.

      Hercules and Iolaus exit the Academy just in time to see Cheiron and another centaur gallop off into the woods. Sharing a look, Hercules and Iolaus run off after them. After a while, Herc and Iolaus slow down to catch their breath. Iolaus doesn't think they'll catch up, but Hercules encourages him to keep moving. As they start off again, several arrows fly by, narrowly missing them and embedding into a nearby tree. Alert, Hercules and Iolaus scan the trees but see no one as they continue into the forest a few more paces. Suddenly, Masked Amazons drop from the trees, surrounding them. The Amazons attack, beating up Hercules and Iolaus before retreating into the forest. Hercules and Iolaus try to regroup, when a small spiked balls comes flying out of the forest at their heads. They dive out of the way of one, and the other gets imbedded into a fallen log Hercules picks up in defense. Amazons drop back down from the trees, taking Hercules and Iolaus hostage and holding them with their hands behind their backs. "You know, this is getting to be a bit of a habit," Iolaus remarks, and one of the Amazons barks at him to be quiet. Hercules recognizes the voice, "Lilith?" Lilith removes her mask - not only is she still an Amazon, but she's now captain of the scouting party. The reunion is confrontational, Lilith is hot-tempered, and she delivers the boys to Cyane personally.

      Queen Cyane is delighted to see Hercules again, and welcomes him. She re-introduces Simula to him, explaining that Simula divined the will of the gods and led the Amazons to their new homeland. Outside the tent, Iolaus catches glimpses of Amazons already beginning to celebrate their new homeland, and Cyane invites Hercules to stay for the banquet that evening. Hercules tries to explain that they might have a friend who is in danger, but Iolaus quickly persuades him that they would never catch Cheiron in the dark, and that it wouldn't hurt to stay the night.

      At Ares's temple, Strife is lounging in Ares's throne, pretending that he's the King of the Gods and assigning chores to the other gods. Discord materializes and Strife leaps from the throne, afraid that he was caught by Ares. Discord laughs, teasing Strife as she takes a seat in Ares's throne herself. Strife reveals that it was Discord who sent Simula her vision. Discord revels that her plan is working perfectly, to which Strife rebels, "This was my plan! Mine! Mine! Mine!" They contemplate the carnage that their plan will undoubtedly cause, and Strife cackles gleefully, "Uncle Ares is going to be so pleased with us!"

      That evening, the Amazons are dancing around a bonfire. Iolaus is trying his luck flirting, and Hercules and Cyane are relaxing a little ways away from the bonfire. Hercules is skittish, and admits he's not sure how to act after the last time they saw each other. Cyane is willing to put the past behind them and start fresh - she is filled with happiness at the thought of her tribe settling down in peace, and invites Hercules to stay with her for a while They are about to kiss when Simula cries out for help. The Amazons are instantly on alert as Simula half-drags a wounded Melina into camp. Cyane sends Melina off for medical attention, and Simula explains that the other sentries are gone, kidnapped by centaurs.

      Simula leads the Amazons into the forest where there are centaur tracks in the dirt. Lilith begins to incite a riot, and Hercules tries to calm them down, but instead gets himself and Iolaus accused of being centaur spies. Simula tries to have them put to death but Cyane busts in, canceling that order. Cyane tells Hercules to deliver a message to Cheiron - Release the captive Amazons or there will be war. She sends Lilith with Hercules, keeping Iolaus at the Amazon camp for insurance.

      The night passes and dawn begins to break. Hercules and Lilith are walking through the forest, Lilith on a tirade about the "corrupt male-dominated culture." Hercules tries to talk sense into her but she storms off. Lilith steps into a trap and a rope catches her around the ankles, dragging her through the forest towards a wall of spikes. Hercules grabs Lilith with one hand and a nearby tree with the other, keeping her from being impaled, but he can't hold on for long as Lilith's hand starts slipping from his grip. Just then, the rope is cut, releasing Lilith as centaurs surround them.

      Hercules and Lilith are taken to the Centaur Council and tied to a post. Cavil and Cheiron arrive with several other centaurs. Cheiron asks Hercules why he's not at the academy, and Hercules tries to explain while Lilith accuses the centaurs of the attack on the Amazons. Cheiron admits he is unaware of any such attack, and Cavil says, "It has ever been so between the Amazons and us. Their cunning against our strength. Their lies against our truth. They accuse us of the very crimes that they commit." Cavil explains that last night two of the centaurs were kidnapped by the Amazons, claiming that he saw it with his own eyes. Hercules vouches that the Amazons were at their camp last night celebrating a new homeland, and Cavil explains that the Amazons' new homeland is on centaur lands. Cheiron admits that this was why he was summoned - to lead forces to drive out the Amazons. Hercules tries to talk sense into Cheiron, but Cheiron is now emotionally invested, revealing that the centaurs that were taken were his brother and nephew. Neither side is willing to back down or listen to reason, but Hercules continues to plead with Cheiron. Cheiron gives Hercules a message for the Amazons: they have until dawn to leave centaur land or else the centaurs will attack.

      Set free, Hercules and Lilith are walking back to the Amazon camp. Lilith is still firm in her belief that the centaurs started it, but Hercules is not so sure. He knows that the whole situation doesn't make sense, and that if he doesn't figure it out by morning, two people he cares about are going to spend tomorrow trying to destroy each other.

      Hercules and Lilith continue walking, not noticing that they're being watched. Under the trees are Simula and Cavil. They look at each other, and in a flash of light they reveal themselves to be Discord and Strife. "I hope he doesn't sprain his little brain with all that thinking," Discord teases. Strife cackles, "This war is on!"

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Cavil: Are you not Hercules, love slave of the Amazon Cyane?
Hercules: Wha? No..well, yea--We're just friends!
Lilith: Complicated? Is that what you call a sneak attack by a herd of Centaurs?

Cheiron: I know of no such attack.

Cavil: You see? It has ever been so between the Amazons and us: their cunning against our strength, their lies against our truth. They accuse us of the very crimes that they commit.

Trivia & References

Reality Check - Iolaus says, "It's Friday. End of the school week." The earliest attestation of a seven day week associated with heavenly luminaries are from Vettius Valens, an astrologer writing ca 170 AD in his Anthologiarum. The order was Sun, Moon, Ares, Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, and Cronos. From Greece the planetary week names passed to the Romans, and from Latin to other languages of southern and western Europe, and to other languages later influenced by them. The word 'Friday' comes from the Old English Frīgedæg (pronounced [fri.je.dæg] or [fri.je.dæj]), meaning the day of the Anglo-Saxon goddess Fríge (source). So it's more likely that Iolaus would have called it Aphroditeday!
Continuity Warning - When Lilith captures Hercules and Iolaus, she tells them that she's going to deliver them to Princess Cyane. But when she presents them to Cyane, she says "The prisoners, my Queen". Considering that Cyane is referred to as "Queen" in both 1.05 - Girl Trouble and 1.09 - Amazon Grace, calling her "Princess" was probably a mistake that wasn't caught in editing.
Continuity Warning - Hercules is holding onto Lilith's hand to keep her from being pulled into a wall of spikes, but he is quickly losing his grip. The camera shows her hand slipping from his fingers, but whenever it cuts back to Hercules's face, you can see her hand firmly gripping his gauntlet, only to cut back to their hands slipping apart. Hercules is about to lose his grip on Lilith's hand completely when the rope to the trap is cut - as Lilith drops to the ground, released from the trap, you can see once again her hand is firmly wrapped around Herc's gauntlet.
Déjà Vu - The Qu'ho or Centaur council building was seen in X:WP episodes "1.07 - The Titans" and "2.02 - Remember Nothing".

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