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Title Girl Trouble
Episode # Season 1, Episode 5
First aired September 19, 1998
Directed by Charlie Haskell
Written by Adam Armus
Nora Kay Foster
Summary Lilith arrives, and the guys discover a mysterious cargo.

FoxKids Spoilers

  • Jason, Iolaus, and Hercules are sent to Athens by Cheiron and while on the boat to the city, help free captive Amazons.
  • En route to Athens by boat, Hercules, Iolaus and Jason discover the craft is transporting Amazons to be sold to a slave trader.

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  • Hercules, Iolaus and Jason head to Athens to find a new cook for the Academy.
  • On a mission to get a new cook for the academy, Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason take a shortcut aboard a large ship, and find themselves locked in the cargo hold with an all female tribe of unpredictable savages -- Amazons!


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      A ship is sailing across the water. On board the ship, the captian sneers into another man's face, "No one double-crosses me!" The captian orders that the man be thrown in the hold. Another sailor unlocks the latch on the hold's doors and tosses the doors wide open. The captian laughs while the other man begs for mercy, but is quickly thrown into the hold. Vicious monster sounds follow as the man screams - it sounds like he's being torn apart by wild animals. The captian looks down at the hold, grinning. "Looks like our cargo won't be needing dinner tonight."

      In the dining hall at the Academy, Jason and Hercules look at their bowls of oatmeal in disgust. Across the table, Iolaus is shoveling food into his mouth. Jason pushes his food away, declairing to go on a hunger strike, and Iolaus quickly snags Jason's bowl and starts eating from it. The boys discuss the upcoming harvest festival, and Hercules reminds them that Cheiron promised them a new cook. Spotting a girl walk past, the boys assume she's the new cook and can't take their eyes off of her. Jason climbs up and over the table to go after her, but Iolaus stops him. Iolaus and Jason start to fight over the new girl until Hercules convinces them to a contest outside.

      The challenge is to kick a ball so that it bounces through the arch, off the ladder, over the roof, off the well, off the wall, down the steps, and through a gate into the pig pen. Iolaus goes first - the ball makes it through all the obstacles and is rolling towards the pig pen gate when an approaching messenger trips over it and almost falls into the well.

      Cheiron arrives to greet the messenger, who is woozy from the fall. Cheiron assigns Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason the task of going to Athens to find a new cook. Confused, Hercules asks who the new girl is. Lilith is introduced as the newest cadet. Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason start off for Athens.

      As they journey, the boys complain about missing the harvest festival and their new classmate. Iolaus comes up with the idea of catching a boat to Athens instead of walking so that they save time. Hercules reminds him that they don't have any money, but Iolaus is convinced he can gain them passage by using "The Ol'Iolaus Charm".

      Cut to the boat. Iolaus is scrubbing the deck while Hercules and Jason move barrels. They mock Iolaus, and dunk his head in the bucket. The Captain breaks them up, telling them to do their work and to stay away from his cargo.

      Iolaus is so curious about what's in the cargo hold that he starts slacking off helping Jason with a sail. A sailor unlocks the hold, dumps a plate of fish in. The sound of wild animal grunting and growling comes from the hold as the sailor locks it back up and ties the keys on a string around his neck. Hercules and Jason try to convince Iolaus to leave the hold alone.

      Everyone is sleeping on the deck. Iolaus sneaks over to the sailor with the keys, and subtly removes the keys from his neck. He's opening the cargo hold as Hercules and Jason wake up. Iolaus opens the cargo hold doors, triggering a warning bell. The captain rushes out, and the other sailors on board wake up and grab their swords.

      Iolaus falls backwards into the cargo hold. Hercules and Jason fight the sailors, before landing in the hold themselves. The hold doors close and are tied shut after them. Hercules and Jason get to their feet in the darkened hold, and find themselves surrounded by armed Amazons. Iolaus stands a little further away, upset at not being accosted properly by the Amazons. Hercules and Jason rejoin Iolaus, making sure he's unhurt.

      The boys are greeted by Cyane, Queen of the Telaquire Amazons. The boys realize that the Amazons are the cargo - all of the Amazons have shackles around their legs. Hercules, Jason, and Iolaus agree to help the Amazons take over the ship. Hercules reaches into Iolaus's vest to get the keys to unlock the shackles. Iolaus walks away to flirt with an amazon - three seconds later Jason and Hercules catch Iolaus as he's thrown backwards.

      Later that night, Hercules goes for a drink of water and runs into Cyane at the water barrel. Cyane tells Hercules about the history of the Amazons. Hercules flirts. Cyane reveals that Zeus betrayed the Amazons and turned them over to the slavers. Hercules doesn't reveal that Zeus is his father, but does try to defend Zeus.

      The sun rises. The boys are helping the Amazons craft and sharpen weapons from what is in the hold when a voice above the deck calls out, "Land, ho!" Ready to attack, the Amazons almost burst out of the hold right then, but Hercules talks them into an alternate plan.

      Iolaus lures two sailors into unlatching and opening the hold doors by flinging up cups of water through the hold doors and shouting about drowning. Iolaus, Hercules, and Jason jump out of the cargo hold, easily taking out the two sailors. The Amazons fly out of the hold and land on the rigging of the ship.

      Sailors rush out onto the decks, swords bared, and are attacked by the boys on the deck and the Amazons swinging on ropes above them. The Captain encourages the sailors to use bows. Hercules warns Cyane, who uses a series of whistles to alert the other Amazons to the danger. The archers are quickly disarmed.

      The fighting continues, the boys and the Amazons gaining a clear advantage over the sailors. The captain grabs a huge crossbow and aims it at Cyane, "If I stop the leader, I win the war!" Hercules notices and swings on a rope to get to Cyane in time, grabbing a bucket to intercept the arrow that the captain shoots. The captain grabs an amazon hostage and rushes over to fight Hercules and Cyane. Hercules and Cyane free the Amazon and together they toss the captain into the cargo hold. The Amazons have won, and begin yelling in celebration.

      Later, the boys and the Amazons are walking along a forest path. Iolaus invites them to join the boys on their way to Athens, but Cyane declines. Hercules and Cyane step away from the group, and Cyane apologizes for doubting Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason. Hercules apologizes in return and wishes her luck in finding a new homeland. Hercules and Cyane almost kiss but are interrupted by Iolaus, who invites Cyane and the Amazons to keep in touch after they find a new homeland. Jason joins in, and Cyane takes her leave, rejoining her tribe after casting one long look back at Hercules. Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason continue on their journey to Athens for a new cook.

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Jason: There she is.

Iolaus: A girl in the academy? A babe-- who can cook.
Jason: Aw-- I've died and gone to the Elysian Fields.
Iolaus: No. No, wait! No! I saw her first!
Jason: You were busy stuffin' your face!
Iolaus: Huh? I'll show you how to stuff your face! Come on!
Hercules: Guys, guys, guys, guys. Listen, are we really gonna fight over a beautiful woman, huh?
Jason and Iolaus: Yes!

Hercules: A-a-all right then, gentlemen-- and I use the term so very loosely-- there's only one way to settle this.
Iolaus: Okay. Through the arch; off the ladder; over the roof; off the well; off the wall; down the steps; nothing but pigpen.
Iolaus: Who needs money? I'll just turn on the old Iolaus charm.
Cyane: You've never seen an Amazon, before, huh?

Hercules: Well, no, but I've heard things.
Cyane: That we're thieves and murderers and baby-snatchers. We hate all men and corrupt all women, right?
Hercules: Uh-huh. Is it true?

Cyane: No. Thousands of years ago, all the men in our village were wiped out in a single battle. From then on, our ancestors knew that our women needed to be strong. So, as for men, we just-- learned to live without them.

Trivia & References

New Guy - This episode is the first time Lilith, Cyane, and Simula are introduced.
Aired Out Of Order - Although Lilith was seen in the earlier episode 1.04 - Herc and Seek, this is supposed to be the first episode the boys meet her in.
Continuity Warning - Lilith is the second girl cadet in the known history of Cheiron's Academy, however no mention is made in this episode to the first female cadet, Yvenna. Jason even says, "Who ever heard of a girl cadet?"
Recycling - Iolaus getting tounge-tied upon finding out Lilith is a cadet is reminiscent of the Young Hercules (Movie Pilot), when he got tounge-tied finding out Yvenna was a cadet.
Déjà Vu - "Zared's Ship" is the the same ship as "The Argo" from the Young Hercules (Movie Pilot).
Pop Culture References - The contest between Jason and Iolaus is an allusion to a series of 1993 McDonalds Commercials with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird calling and then making impossible bank-shot baskets.
Nod to HtLJ - The contest between Jason and Iolaus is seen again between Hercules and Iolaus in HtLJ "5.14 - Just Passing Through": "Off the spruce branch, hit the oak, through the hollow stump, over the bird's nest, nothing but splash.".

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